Insurance and Compensation System

This is a guide to the insurance and coverage included with domestic rental campers. As a member of a listed corporate group, we provide coverage that will give you peace of mind. When an accident or other trouble occurs, please contact our company or the auto insurance company listed in the folder given to you when you sign the contact. Please note that the vehicle’s interior furnishings and equipment are not covered by the insurance policy.

Coverage Compensation
Compensation for damages Bodily injury compensation Unlimited Unlimited
Compensation for property damage Unlimited (¥100,000 deductible)
Personal compensation Personal injury Up to ¥30 million/person
Vehicle compensation Vehicle insurance Market value/accident (¥100,000 deductible)

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/voluntary) ・・・ ¥2,500/day

*Taking this coverage will exempt you from paying the deductible for accidents covered by the insurance. While it is voluntary, we recommend taking this coverage in case of an accident.
*There is also a separate non-operation charge.

Road-side Assistance/The insurance company offers 24/365 service

They will tow the vehicle when it is undriveable due to accident, breakdown, or theft, and provide emergency support when the vehicle is undriveable due to a breakdown or other vehicle trouble.

1. Vehicle Transportation Service
They will tow the vehicle to a repair shop, etc. Compensation of up to ¥150,000 per accident.
2. Emergency Support Service
If the vehicle is undriveable due to trouble with the vehicle itself, such as a breakdown or dead battery, they will all possible emergency support within about 30 minutes. However, the customer will cover the cost for parts and fees above the compensation limit.
3. Breakdown Consultation Service
In the event of a breakdown or vehicle trouble, qualified service technicians will provide advice over the phone.
*When using this service, please be sure to contact Tokio Marine Nichido (Tel: 0120-119-110) in advance. If you make arrangements without contacting them in advance, they will be unable to provide instructions or make arrangements.

Non-operation Charge (NOC)

In the event repairs or cleaning of the vehicle are necessary due to accident, theft, breakdown or defacement, etc., the customer will be charged the following amount as compensation for loss of use for the duration.

Vehicle is driven to scheduled return location ¥100,000 (tax exempt)
Vehicle is undriveable, not returned to scheduled return location ¥150,000 (tax exempt)

Examples not covered by insurance

In cases which correspond to the following examples, the customer will be responsible for the full cost.

  • The accident was not reported to the police (no accident report)
  • The accident occurred when someone was driving other than the applicant at the time of departure
  • Accidents caused by an unlicensed driver
  • Accidents caused by a drunk driver
  • The accident occurred during use beyond the agreed rental period without permission
  • The customer is found to be at fault in their use or maintenance of the vehicle
  • A private settlement is made without authorization
  • Any other violation of the terms of the rental agreement
  • Etc.