Can I pick up the rental at Narita Airport?
Yes, if you ask beforehand. You can also pick up your rental at Haneda Airport or a hotel in Tokyo.
What about the return location?
You can return the vehicle to Narita Airport as well as Haneda Airport or a hotel in Tokyo.
Please tell me about camping supplies and bedding.
We loan them out. If we do not loan out an item, please prepare it on your own.
Can I rent a vehicle with a driver?
No, it would be against the law.
About moving inside the car while driving.
Please do not walk inside the car while driving. It is very dangerous.
Please tell me about manners inside the vehicle.
Shoes, smoking, and fires are all strictly prohibited (if the interior is left dirty, it will cost extra)
Do you have child seats?
We can arrange for them if you ask in advance.
How much is the highway toll?
It is the same as ordinary passenger vehicles.
Do the campers have automatic transmissions?
Yes, they have automatic transmissions.
Can I use a multistory parking lot?
No, you cannot enter a multistory parking lot. Absolutely do not attempt to enter one.
Can you cook inside the vehicle?
Simple cooking is possible, but fires are prohibited. (The curtains could catch on fire)
Furthermore, due to the battery, you cannot use appliances that require a lot of energy.
(For models that include a microwave, aim to use the microwave up to twice a day.)
What kinds of electronic appliances cannot be used?
Electric kettles, electric water heaters, hot plates, hair dryers, and other large appliances that use a lot of energy. However, if you use an external power supply, you may use the above products.
Please share the insurance costs.
Insurance costs are a separate charge based on the number of days of your trip times the insurance fee (2,000 JPY).
What are the risks of an accident?
Insurance deductible amount (you pay 80,000 JPY)
Damages beyond insurance coverage (damaged interior, contamination, wreckage fees)
Non-operation charge (business compensation fee)
What about ETC (electronic toll collection) cards?
We are considering loaning them.
Can I drive on snowy roads, too?
Since our vehicles are equipped with studless tires, it is possible to drive them on snowy roads. However, slipping is possible, so please use extreme caution while driving.